Reconnective Healing

(in person)

 New York, March, 2011

Reconnective Healing has completely changed my life. I was suffering from severe exhaustion and sleep deprivation, and was referred to Jack by my physician. The exhaustion was completely eliminated after my second session, my sleep improved, and so did my memory. Much to my surprise, my third session reaped a totally unexpected reward. After decades of fearing the ocean, as a result of nearly drowning when I was child, my fear has begun to subside. I’ve actually gone in the ocean– unattended– twice in the last two weeks! It’s nothing short of a miracle!

Theresa Conti

New York

 (Theresa was trained by Eric Pearl 10 days after her second Reconnective Healing session and is currently practicing Reconnective Healing in New York.)


Reconnective Healing


Beirut, Lebanon, November 7, 2010

With this therapy I receive something that has nothing in common with other approaches. Although done at a distance, it is also very personal and allows me to feel supported and to center myself in my inner being.

What stands out is a feeling of being enveloped, a general heaviness in the body as if there were a greater awareness of the body. I manage to let go and just receive this current which carries with it a feeling of freedom and unity. Stages of letting go come into resonance with each other.

Sometimes I feel that I’m being helped even before I ask for it out loud.

The treatment is like a current of energy that moves through examining me along a precise alignment in the body. The “touching” begins sometimes with the feet, or perhaps at the level of the stomach and often finishes at the head.

I am reminded of my place in the great universe when I receive this treatment, and be means of this contact I move past the limitations of my daily life with which I am identified. It is a very reassuring feeling that recognizes me for what I am, without judgment.



New York, November 3, 2010

Very relaxing. Right away felt it come in. I knew energy had started. A weight; something moving in; moving in through my head. It’s like … a kind of flickering sensation behind my eyes, not exactly light, not like vision, not like kinesthetic feeling. Throughout I felt there were times of not feeling much and then a wave of quite subtle sensation would come again with the same feeling like an energy under the skinvery subtle.

Amy S.


The Reconnection®

Michele George’s Testimonial

On July 17, 2010, I conducted my first session of The Reconnection® with friend and fellow student Michele George in Toronto. Michele, who is now also a fully qualified practitioner of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, has kindly given me permission to post these “verbatim notes” on my web site as well as very generously saying, “I don’t believe it would have ever turned out like that had it not been you working with me in the way that you did!” These notes really give a clear idea of the possible scope of a session of The Reconnection – a process that is done to reconnect the individual’s human energy grid to the energy grid of the planet.

Verbatim notes

As she emerged, Michele said that she needed to keep her eyes open. If she did not she would return, pulled back to the oh so attractive place that she was leaving behind.

 First words:

“This was new. I’d never been there before. My cells are still vibrating. When I close my eyes there’s a sensation of vibrating cells. Extraordinary. Quivering light. Beyond beautiful. It felt as though I was levitating. Not on the earth. Yearning to go there again.”

 “At the beginning, I just went somewhere very fast. I didn’t know where. When I became aware I was somewhere, there was a young guy there, early 30s, solid, masculine. He was in movement, in touch with the earth, earth colors, browns and greens. He was in a rainforest, a jungle. He was leaning forward, exploring. He made scooping motions with both arms, and I was making the same movements. I was given permission to. Each movement deep into mother earth. The masculine and the feminine coming together. There was no woman, the woman was Earth. He was going deeper into the earth. Aware of the body moving. There were different versions of that; I can’t remember all of them.”

 “That kind of identifiable stuff started morphing into what came apart into smaller bits – solid bodies started falling apart. This was never scary, never yes or no. Just this is the way it is. Hand, arm, leg gave way to what they were made of until it got down to the cellular level. I felt like I was levitating, leaving the body or my whole body was leaving gravity. If something bothered me, I could go against gravity; I was not bound to the earth. At the same time, all this was coming apart and being its cellular stuff. It all broke free. I don’t know who I was.”

 “Then, teeny, tiny lights started, wonderful lights. And joy! I recognized them. Such recognition. I wanted to go there.”

 “Mixture of awareness; aware of all the responses in my body – whatever that represented or was made of was the new – showing itself as light.”



 Montreal, April 8, 2014

Ever since the first breath of fresh air I took once I was out of your office, I’ve been having this great, but I mean very great, feeling of joy, happiness. It’s as if I made peace with something still unknown to me. I no longer have this pain in my heart any more. Sometimes I will feel fearjust like that for no reasonand then it gets replaced with joy all of a sudden. I feel unstoppable as well latelyunstoppable in the sense that I could take on anything, whether a new job or any challenges. My mind is in thinking mode to the fullest and my heart is pumping a fierce new energy in me.



Montreal, November 8, 2010

The hypnotherapy sessions that I participated in with Jack opened a gateway to areas and times in my life that I hadn’t expected. These experiences turned out to be both significant and healing. Jack’s ability to lead me into the unknown was both easy and reassuring; it all felt very natural. I look forward to continuing my explorations with Jack as my guide.

Bernie Shalinsky


Toronto, October 1, 2010

( …after 40 years of insomnia… )

Jack, I am still sleeping SO much better. I’ve even had a couple of 7 hour sleeps. Whatever this is, I think it is quite wonderful. It has made a difference to my life to have the anxiety over it gone. A friend I hadn’t seen for 6 weeks yesterday told me how well I lookedeyes clear and skin with good color.

You’ll have to charge more if your treatment is this fast and effective!

Valerie R.


Montreal, July 6, 2010

Thanks again Jack. You have a caring, enfolding presence and the skill required to lead people to their own healing. You hold space and have the patience to do this with the utmost compassion. What more can one ask of a true healer? I am deeply grateful.




Toronto, November23, 2008

Jack, I can’t find the feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness anymore. What I mean to say is that I can’t detect it. It’s as if it has just vanished!!! I feel as though something very small, like a dark veil, has been lifted from the atmosphere that surrounds me. I continue to watch what is taking place and the action of your work continues to work. It is an utterly remarkable experience.

Much care and gratitude,



New York, September 17, 2008 (telephone connection only)

Hi Jack,

I’m still in shock at how successful our sessions were. I was able to not only address whatever insecurities I was facing, but overcome them with confidence and ease. I certainly did not expect to feel results so tangibly, or with such magnitude. I have been able to carry this success through work, study and everyday life.

Thank you again so so much … I still sort of can’t believe it all.

All my best regards,



New York, January 11, 2008

Hello Jack,

Sorry to write so soon.

Our session today has opened what feels to be an underground spring, yes … very gentle as you say on your web site. It contains what feels to be a magnetic intent. When attending to daily rounds outside of my studying for the exams, there is the chance to allow the timefrom insideto nourish my studies instead of taking me away from them. We know this experience and yet it is a new entranceway into myself.

Please let me know your fees.

Thank you, Jack.



Past Life Regression


New York, June 29, 2017

 The sessions are so rich. This last one is still very much with me, accompanying my everyday life in an unusual way, a kind of witnessing that allows for me to be both with my habitually identified self and also with another way of being which is informed, guided even, by the silent presence of this other world.  It isn’t invasive at all. More like quiet guardian angels, encouraging me to somehow inhabit this other way of being. Three realms. One earthly, the other heavenly, and the third in a fluid movement between them. Nothing forced, nothing aiming at anything. Simply trying to be sensitive to the inhabitation, the embodiment of an extraordinary fullness of life. I’m feeling it now. So touching. A gift of boundless love. I am grateful.



Montreal, November 2, 2010

I truly enjoyed my session with Jack. My past life regression is probably the best-spent $150 (for 2 hours) of this year! Every curious person who wishes to discover their true self in depth should spend that $150 at least once in their lifetime. We would spend it (and more) on our teeth because they are visible to others, but the internal feeling is well worth it as well. I came to him, willing to give him my background (family, moral beliefs, relationships, etc.), which you don’t have to do, but I trusted him from our first phone conversation. We then proceeded in the regression after he asked the actual purpose of my coming. There’s no magic trick; don’t expect anything but to understand more about who you are and the life you’ve been leading up until now.

Zoe S.


Montreal, December, 2010

I underwent a past-life regression hypnosis session with Jack Cain and I found the experience very meaningful and it has had an incredible impact in my life. The ability to now have so much more clarity and understanding of my unconscious mind and how those past lives affect my present life and the choices I make today has been invaluable. Jack is a consummate hypnotherapist with a gentle demeanour and a genuine caring for his clients. As I myself am a social worker, certified therapist and certified hypnotherapist, I would recommend Jack to anyone seeking answers through their past lives.

Daniel C. Aitken