Often thought of in a show business setting, this approach, as facilitated by Trylus, provides access to each individual’s deeper consciousness. This altered state of consciousness is reached using standard progressive relaxation, a technique recommended by most hypnosis training programs.

The use of altered states of consciousness can be a critical help in dealing with obstacles on one’s life path.

Rather than asking the client’s ordinary consciousness for a statement of goals, we ask the subconscious part of the consciousness to show us precisely the situation or the thing that is most important to be experienced in the present moment. We are careful not to impose anything on the person; in fact, we do not make suggestions except to reinforce something positive such as a positive emotion that arises naturally.

Mundus imaginalis (The imaginal world)

Hypnosis can provide access to what Henry Corbin has called the imaginal world (alam al-mithal) – the world of image that mediates between the world of the mind and the world of bodily sensation. This experience has nothing to do with day-dreaming or fantasy. Jung’s term is “active imagination.” This world is real and inhabited.

Once entered, the content unfolds in a progression that is not directed by the mind of the client or of the practitioner and the experience often resembles a shamanic journey. A number of instructive examples are posted on my blog – usually using a pseudonym to protect the anonymity of the client and always with the client’s permission.

Regression to the cause – a key concept

Our behavioral problems are often resistant to our efforts to change them because they are resident in the subconscious, a part of our mind to which we don’t ordinarily have access – directly or at will. Using the technique of hypnotic regression – a standard and well-tried method – it is possible to find the deep causes and resolve them. Thanks to this opening and guided by the practitioner, certain difficult problems can be resolved – especially ones that have resisted all voluntary attempts at improvement or change.

Self-confidence is just one example among many that can show improvement using this technique.

Past Life Regression

This approach, often misunderstood, is a work of collaboration between the practitioner and the client that gives access to subconscious areas of the mind. In this work, an element can arise from a distant time. Once it is understood and the emotion connected to it is released, the desired behavioral change can take place. Generally, the client emerges from the experience with a greater understanding of the schemas, conflictual relationships or repetitive scenarios of his life.

In this approach we use the unique and effective methods developed by Dolores Cannon and called “QHHT: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques.” This method can facilitate access to the higher self – what we used to call the soul.


Hypnosis is a modality for personal change that works in harmony with, not instead of, other healing practices.


A thought from Montaigne

“It is absolute perfection, and almost divine, to know how to loyally enjoy one’s being.”

Andrew Weil M.D. (Clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona and director of its Program in Integrative Medicine.)

“I frequently refer patients to hypnotherapists because I have seen it produce excellent results in many illnesses…”